The Secret to E-commerce Success – Repricing Software

eBay Repricing vs Amazon Repricing - Pricing Optimisation Software

The key to e-commerce growth and success in the long term may not be entirely focusing on growing your traffic. Today the key is to implement precision repricing techniques to boost sales on multiple platforms. When you engage in selling your products or services on famous marketplace platforms such eBay and Amazon, or even if you have your own website, keeping a bird's eye view on your pricing strategies can be a daunting undertaking.

Why is it a problem? Well, you have to spend hours upon hours monitoring your competition's pricing mechanisms – and when you see changes taking place, you have to scurry and change your own pricing system, which is overly time consuming.

The amount of time spent tracking everything could be better utilized in advertising, sourcing products or growing your business on various additional channels. Therefore is it is important that you get adequate repricing software ...

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A brief History of eBay

eBay History going corporate

The history of most big e-commerce brands is interesting. From garage startups to sales day innovations, we have come to benefit from some of the best thought-out e-commerce innovations in history. eBay makes billions every year with many sellers making hundreds of thousands or even millions. This growth has come from years of enabling people to earn an income from their homes. Like most e-commerce marketplaces of today, eBay started from the home of its founder.

eBay's Beginning

There is a story that's repeated over and over as the reason why Pierre Omidyar started this Auction site. The story says that he started it to help his fiancee trade Pez candy dispensers. We found out that this was just a PR strategy that eBay used to gain media attention. eBay started as a part of Pierre Omidyar's personal site and a side hobby.

After spending labor day ...

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