Choosing Competitors Auto-Select

Choosing competitors for your listings to reprice against, can be done either manually, by auto-select or a combination of the two. Auto-select is based on selecting competitor listings found in the eBay search list based on your product title and your custom chosen parameters.

The simplest way to choose competitors is by automatically selecting. The auto-select feature searches eBay with your product title and then you can automatically select any competitor who comes up within your chosen percentage price range, that is based on your current selling price. A typical range could be 30% below and above your current selling price for example. *This would catch all sellers selling competing products 30% above and below your current selling price and would exclude products outside this range. As an example for how this is work, when searching for an Apple iPhone eBay may bring up cases and mobile phones which have vastly different pricing, by setting a close price range excludes unnecessary competing products.

Auto Select Method

To use 'Auto Select' start by clicking here

Choose your rule name.

Set the min price that you want to find competitors in, based on your current selling price.

Set the max price that you want to find competitors in, based on your current selling price.

Next, we can 'Exclude competitors from certain regions'. 

And 'exclude competitors by product titles with certain words'.

To use automation we can refresh your competitor list every 24 hours. To do this simply tick the box 'Automatically refresh competitors daily 2am'.

Finally, if you want to apply to all listings tick 'Assign to all active listings'.

Bulk Apply Auto-Select to Listings

To bulk set an Assign a Competitor Rule to Multiple Listings. Firstly make sure you have added a strategy following the instructions above and then follow this link.

Here simply find your strategy, created in the previous step from the drop-down at the top of the page.

We can then use the Intellisearch search box to bring up all relevant listings. For example, if we search 'Charger' this will bring up all listings with the word 'Charger' in the title. 

We can then use the tick boxes to select products that you would like to apply the strategy to and click the button 'Assign Competitor Rule'.

Set Competitors Individually

Again on the Assign a Competitor Rule to Multiple Listings we can set competitors individually per product. Find your desired product using the Intellisearch search box. 

Notice the column 'Competitors' and the linkable text per product. Simply click on this link.

Here you will find a list of competitors that eBay shows based on your eBay search results. You can simply click accept to add these. To remove them click the red button at the top of the page 'Click here to deselect competitors'.

To add competitors that are not found in this list click 'Add competitors manually'.