Choosing Listings to Reprice

Seller Bay Republic bills you on the number of products you choose to reprice rather than your total number of products. When you connect your eBay for the first time we will automatically set all your products to active, up to the first 5000.

To change or remove the products that you would active to reprice click on 'Choose Listings to Reprice' on the Listings tab.

Then use the tick box to select/deselect multiple listing. You can also change the amount of listings shown, up to 500 per page.

*Additionally the search box is smart, in that it recognizes product title words regardless of the order that the word is shown. For instance, in this example we search 'charger' and this brings up all products with the words charger anywhere in the title.

Once listings are selected they can then be viewed by clicking 'View Listings' in the Listings tab.

*Please note that newly imported listings are automatically activated, up until the first 5000 products. To quickly and easily deactivate in bulk newly added products you can use the red 'Filter Listings' button towards the top left of your screen. This can show all listings imported in the last 1 day, 7 days and 30 days.